Meet our Team

The Office of the Registrar assists students, faculty and staff with graduation, course curriculum changes, registration and much more.  To see a full list, check out Whom do I contact.  UWF Employees should view the internal Office of the Registrar contact list.  The Office of the Registrar is located in Building 18 on the Pensacola campus and can be reached at 850-474-2244 or

  • Kelley Brundage

    Kelley Brundage

    University Registrar

  • Burgess,Adam

    Adam Burgess

    Associate Registrar

  • Peck, Kim

    Kim Peck

    Senior Coordinator for Enrollment Services

  • Kendra Loucks

    Kendra Roberts

    Senior Degree Works Coordinator

  • Beamer,Carolyn

    Carolyn Beamer

    CCR Coordinator

  • Carla Bohlamn

    Carla Bohlman

    Enrollment Services Representative

  • Tiffany Braun

    Tiffany Braun

    Academic and Classroom Scheduling Coordinator

  • Staff photo of Tanya Chambers

    Tanya Chambers

    Graduation Coordinator

  • staff photo of Gabriel Esmurdoc

    Gabriel Esmurdoc

    Coordinator of Special Student Populations

  • Feysa, Jenny

    Jenny Feysa

    Communications Coordinator

  • Diane Sullivan

    Diane Sullivan

    DegreeWorks Coordinator

  • Emily Teets

    Emily Teets

    Retention Coordinator