Incentive Programs

UWF Recreation offers a variety of fitness incentive programs for all levels to participate in and achieve their fitness and health goals.

Become a Healthy Argo member by participating in any of the Group Fitness classes. Work hard and achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.

Healthy Argo


ArgoFit is an incentive program designed to keep individuals motivated with a consistent workout schedule at least three to four workouts per week. Participants receive prizes for their consistency.


Argo Weight Club

The Argo Weight Club is a FREE incentive program designed to keep you motivated to increase your strength. You may try out at any time throughout the semester. 

Argo Weight Club

Miles High Club

After each cardio workout, log your miles and have a Fitness Monitor sign off. Use any machine that tracks mileage; treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, stair steppers, rowers and arc trainers.

Miles High Club

The Toughest Argo

If you think you have what it takes to be named the “Toughest Argo” join the competition and test your fortitude! 

The Toughest Argo

Raise the Dead 2.0 (Oct 1-31)

In the spirit of Halloween, contestants will test their physical and mental limits by performing deadlifts for as many repetitions as possible.

Raise the Dead 2.0

Death Row (Oct 17-23)

If you just feel like rowing, this cardio based incentive program is for you! A 500 meter, all out row competition where competitors will compete for the fastes completion time. A Fitness Monitor can track your progress.

Death Row

Gameday Crawl (Sept 5-12)

It's Super Bowl week! Get in game mode with this fun and challenging incentive program. This will test competitors’ muscular endurance and cardiovascular load. Talk to a Fitness Monitor to get started.

Gameday Crawl

Reps for Vets (Nov 6-13)

In honor of UWF's Vetern Commmunity, participants will perform max rep pullups.

Reps for Vets