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Internal Student Vendor Registration Page

This internal registration process can Only be used to register Student Vendors. UWF students are considered vendors when they will receive payment from The University of West Florida (UWF) for travel reimbursement, prizes, etc.

Vendors for Purchase Orders and Direct Payments will NOT be processed through this internal registration page and the vendor must complete the online external registration process via the External Vendor Registration Page, in order to meet all Federal, IRS and Security regulations.

Please read all information on this page before proceeding. A  Help document is provided that includes step-by-step instructions for entering Student Vendors internally.

You will receive a confirmation email with the Vendor Banner ID # when the vendor is processed into Banner and ready to use.

Allow 72 Work-Day Hours For Vendor To Be Processed Into Banner

See Important Facts below for Foreign Vendor instructions.

When entering the information:

  • Do Not type in all caps.
  • Do Not use punctuation or symbols, i.e. commas (,) periods (.) number (#) and (&).
  • Abbreviate when possible: Apartment-Apt, Building-Bldg, Floor-Fl, Suite-Ste, Room-Rm, Department-Dept, Street-St; Boulevard-Blvd, Parkway-Pkwy

Important Facts:


A vendor is an entity or a person who will receive payment from UWF for goods or services. All vendors must be registered and entered in UWF's Banner system in order for payment to be processed to the vendor.

Foreign Vendors:

Due to Intenal Revenue Service (IRS) requirements, a foreign vendor must also provide UWF their applicable IRS W-8 Form. If a Foreign Vendor is being registered:

  • It is the UWF Employee's responsibility to either obtain the applicable IRS W-8 Form from the Foreign Vendor (and then forward the IRS W-8 Form to Procurement).

Student Vendor Registration:

The following information is not required, but helpful in processing Student Vendors:

  • FEI/TIN (9-digit Tax Identification Number) OR SSN (if Individual or Sole Proprietor);
  • Student UWF ID (9-digit number beginning with 97);
  • Telephone Number; and,
  • Email Address - Note: Although the email address is not required, it is very important, especially for foreign vendors to provide an email address. If you do not provide the foreign vendor's email address, you (UWF Employee) are then responsible for trying to obtain that foreign vendor's required IRS W-8 form.

Collection & Use of Social Security Numbers: 

Statement on the Collection and Use of Social Security Numbers‌ (Sec. 6109, I.R.C.; Sec. 119.071(5)(a)(2)(a)(II), FS)