Vendor Search by Commodity Code

Report Number PROC000040 is located in Information Navigator under Procurement and Contracts. This report will allow you to key in a commodity or service to search for the vendors that have already registered with UWF, who provide that commodity or service.

Note: To first find the Commodity Code you wish to search for a vendor by:

  • Go to Information Navigator
  • See Report Number PROC000035 "Commodity and Account Codes"

Purchasing from a registered vendor will save considerable time and effort. You will not have to:

  • instruct the vendor on how to register, and;
  • wait until the vendor is registered before using your PCard or issuing a Requisition.

The vendors are designated with a code to distinguish their business classification. Therefore, you will be able to immediately identify the Certified and Non-Certified Minority Vendors. You are encouraged to actively seek quotes from minority vendors to support the UWF MBE program.