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Transaction Status

Interpreting FOIDOCH in Banner

FOIDOCH is a wonderful tool that can tell you

  • the status of your Banner Requisition;
  • whether your Purchase Order (PO) has been issued;
  • whether your items have been received; and
  • whether your invoice has been paid.

It can also display your Requisition or PO.

To access FOIDOCH

  • At the "Go To" field type FOIDOCH.
  • Press "Enter" on your keyboard.
  • At the "Doc Type" field, enter the appropriate type:
    • REQ = Requisition
    • PO = Purchase Order
    • INV = Invoice
    • RCV = Receiving Document
  • Tab once to the "Doc Code" field.
  • Enter your document number (example: R0000678 for a Requisition)
  • Click "Next Section"

The appropriate fields will be populated based on the status of your order. To the right of each number field is a "Status Indicator" field. To see the list of Status Codes:

  • Click on the word "Options" on the top row of your screen.
  • Choose "View Status Indicators"

You will see a box containing all the "Status Indicators" and what each one means. Your can also query (view only) the document from the same "Options" menu by:

  • Choose "Requisition Info" (FPIREQN).
  • When you see the "Requisition Query" screen, click "Next Block".

You can not "Next Block" through the Requisition document in query mode.

Is there a way to know if the payee has received the check? Unless the payee notifies you otherwise, you should assume that once the check has been issued, it will be received.


Interpreting FOIDOCH

Situation: Only my Requisition number is displayed, and the "Status Field" is blank.

Conclusion: Your Requisition has not been approved (only approved Requisitions are forwarded to Procurement).

Situation: Only my Requisition number is displayed, and the "Status Field" is "A" .

Conclusion: Your Requisition number has been approved and forwarded to Procurement, but they have not assigned it a PO Number.

Situation: A PO Number is displayed, but the "Status Field" is blank.

Conclusion: Your PO is in process in Procurement. If it had been completed and sent to the vendor, an "A" would appear in the "Status Field" next to the PO Number.

Situation: A number appears in the "Receiver Field", accompanied by a "C" in the "Status Field".

Conclusion: Your items have been received and your order is complete (all items on the order have been received).

Situation: There is an "X" in the "Status Field" next to my Requisition or PO Number.

Conclusion: Your Requisition or PO has been cancelled.

In addition to checking status in Banner, you can also go to the "Information Navigator" in MY UWF.