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Banner Requisition

Definition of Requisition: Request to purchase goods and services.

When to do a Requisition - enter a Banner Requisition if:

  • vendor does not accept credit cards;
  • the purchase is OCO (see definition of OCO under Definitions) - OCO items are not allowed on PCard;
  • Direct Pay Request cannot be used - NOTE: Controller's Office is permitted to make direct payments for certain expenditures (see Direct Pay Guidelines) not to exceed $1,000 via Direct Pay Request.

Step 1: The beginning of the purchasing process is to enter (key in) a Banner Requisition. Banner is the system in which Requisitions are entered. In order to enter Requisitions in Banner, you must satisfactorily complete online training and then gain access to the applicable Banner Fund and Orgn (Organization) Codes.

Banner Requisition Online Course - Course/Training is located in "My UWF":

Banner Access Request Form - to gain access to applicable Fund and Orgn Codes, in "My UWF":

  • Click on "Banner ERP System" Folder;
  • Click on "Banner Access Request;
  • Follow prompts.

See Requisition Training Guide

A printable copy of the Requisition can be obtained from Information Navigator (PROC000016 "Requisition Display")

Step 2: After all the required data is entered in the Banner Requisition, it is completed and moves through the Approval Process. The Approval Process takes place after you have clicked the "Complete" icon in the Requisition.

Step 3: After the Approval Process is complete, the Requisition moves to Procurement, where it will be assigned to a specific Buyer.

Step 4: After evaluating the Requisition and assuring all backup has been received, the Buyer will assign the Requisition a Purchase Order (PO) number and process the PO in Banner. Upon completion of the PO by the Buyer, an automated email will be sent to the Requisitioner with an attached hard copy (pdf format) of the PO.