Honors Admissions

The Kugelman Honors Program admits incoming high-achieving first year students who are interested in continuing their pursuit of excellence at the university level.

Apply to the Kugelman Honors Program

The Kugelman Honors Program will accept applications from March 1 to May 1, 2018 for first year students beginning UWF in Fall 2018. Before March 1, students who met GPA and standardized test score requirements of Honors were invited to opt in to the program; if a student did not opt in before March 1, 2018 he or she will need to complete an application.

The application to the Kugelman Honors Program comprises three components:

  1. Create a ZeeMee profile and record responses to two Honors-specific questions
  2. Respond to two short essay questions (300-400 words each)
  3. Submit an application form in which you provide a link to your ZeeMee profile and upload your essay responses

For more detailed instructions for each step, please click on the corresponding section below.

Step One: ZeeMee

To complete the first portion of the application process, you will need to download ZeeMee, a free social media service for prospective college students (visit zeemee.com to get started). If you already have a ZeeMee profile, simply add the requested video responses to your existing profile. You will submit a link to your ZeeMee profile when completing the Honors Application form.

Please record responses to the following questions on your ZeeMee profile. ZeeMee limits videos to 26-seconds, so you may need to rehearse your responses to get the timing right. 

  1. One of the characteristics that we look for in Honors students is ambition, or the drive to succeed and be the best one can be. What drives you to succeed and what issue(s) are you most passionate about?
  2. Balance is an important part of being a successful student and leader. What do you do for fun, or in your free time, that has nothing to do with school? How do you think these interests and/or activities help make you a more balanced and well-rounded person?

Optional ZeeMee Component: Create one or more photo albums highlighting your leadership, service, study abroad, or other extracurriculur experiences, and include album descriptions to provide context.

Step Two: Essays
Please write 300-400 word resonses to the following questions. You will be asked to copy and paste your responses into the Honors Application form.
  1. Honors provides experiences for students to develop as informed citizen-leaders. Through coursework and service, Honors students are asked to confront and discuss complex and difficult issues that include everything from sexuality and gender to race and immigration. If you've addressed complex or controversial issues in a scholarly setting, please describe that experience; if you have not, please provide an example to help us understand how you deal with difficult issues. 
  2. Students in the Honors program take courses outside of their chosen majors. Indeed, one of the most important qualities we look for in an Honors student is interest in multiple fields of study. Please describe for us why you are a good fit for our program in this regard.
Step Three: Honors Application Form

The final step in the Honors application process is completing the Honors Application form. Please click here to access the form. You will be asked to include your ZeeMee profile link and essay responses, so be sure to have those items ready. 

Students will be receive an admissions decision within 30 days of applying, or no later than May 15, 2018.

If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact our office.