Alie Mallet, Ph.D.

  • University Honors Scholar, Spring 2010

Alie Mallet graduated as a University Honors Scholar with a B.S. in Chemistry/Biochemistry in spring 2010. In December 2015, Alie completed a Ph.D program in Chemistry at The University of Alabama.

“The bulk of my research has focused on designing optical sensor arrays using multivariate data analysis,” Alie stated as she was completing her dissertation titled, Pattern-based recognition in supramolecular sensing ensembles, in fall 2015.

Alie is currently seeking a job in research and development.

“The Honors Program greatly enhanced my studies and based on Dr. Lanier's recommendation, I pursued graduate school,” Alie remembers of her time at UWF. “I am so blessed to be a part of such a successful school family!”

Please check back for updates about Alie’s future accomplishments.