DubBot: a user friendly approach to quality assurance software

June 8, 2020 | Institutional Communications | websupport@uwf.edu

DubBot, a new quality assurance and accessibility monitoring software, will soon be available for UWF web managers.

Following a thoughtful review, UWF made the decision that DubBot will replace the current software, Monsido. DubBot provides a simpler user interface and will be easier for web managers to use. Web managers can anticipate the new service to phase in as the old service is phased out in Summer 2020.

DubBot thrives on a simplistic user friendly interface that allows web managers to easily understand what website errors, such as broken links, misspellings and accessibility issues, exist and find a solution to those issues. The mandatory use of this service and automated reports will allow web managers to work together to create a navigable, accessible and cohesive web presence for UWF. 

Web managers can also anticipate the following new features:

  • Integration with the TerminalFour (T4) Content Management system. This means that once an error is identified in DubBot, a button will appear to take web managers directly to the edit screen in T4 for that page.
  • A faster crawler for more on-demand checks.
  • A significantly more refined accessibility check system, focusing on actual issues instead of manual checks.
  • As mentioned above, a much simpler user interface resulting in fewer screens and links to click on to identify errors and issues on pages.
  • Associated web browser extensions are not needed to improve the use of this service, everything is self contained within the DubBot web service.
  • A simplified automated reporting system, leading users into the system instead of relying on static emailed reports.
  • DubBot Help Center: http://help.dubbot.com/en/

OIC has purchased “Single Sign-On” capability and will configure all current web managers with the appropriate website(s) in the system. Non-web managers can also use this service upon request to websupport@uwf.edu. Web Managers can expect initial login emails and a URL once the system has been fully configured. Monsido will still be available for use until Aug. 8, 2020. Any feedback on either service is appreciated and can be sent to websupport@uwf.edu.