Promo Box: Center [Section Link]

The Promo Box: Center [Section Link] is designed to highlight a program, faculty/staff member, or anything else that may need extra attention within your website. It should contain minimal text as it's not meant to be a full article, and it should only be used to link out to another site within the CMS.

Important Information

This highlights a link to a section within the CMS with an image and optional button.

At a Glance

  • Requires Placeholder: No
  • Placement: Almost anywhere
  • Special Setup: None
  • Image Sizes:
    • Dimensions:
      • Landscape: 315 x 176px
      • Portrait: 211 x 278px
    • Resolution: 72. This is absolutely essential! Using print quality images (300+) will cause your page to load slowly or not at all.

Promo Box: Center [Section Link] contains the following elements:

  • Name - Used in Sitemanager only. This does NOT show up on your webpage.
  • Title - This will be your content heading (<h2>). Larger, bold text with extra spacing.
  • Main Body - The main area for your content.
  • Image - Use this to select an image from the Media Library.
  • Image Caption - Describe your image here, this is very helpful for accessible images.
  • Image Location - Moves your image to the left or right of your content.
  • Section Link - This links your image to another webpage or section within the CMS.
  • Optional Button Text - Text that will appear on a stylized button.
  • Button Color - Select from blue or green.
  • Add Green Line Above - Helps to separate pieces of content above.
  • Add Green Line Below - Helps to separate pieces of content below.

Center Promo Box: Live Example


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