Image Gallery

Important Information

The Image Item content type posts an image to your page when paired with a placeholder.

At a Glance

  • Requires Placeholder: Yes
  • Placement: Almost anywhere
  • Special Setup: None
  • Image Sizes:
    • Dimensions:
      • Thumbnail: 237 x 178px
      • Full Size: 880 x 495px
    • Resolution: 72. This is absolutely essential! Using print quality images (300+) will cause your page to load slowly or not at all.

Media Gallery: Image Item contains the following elements:

  • Name - Used in Sitemanager only. This does NOT show up on your webpage.
  • Title - In this content type, title is used as an image caption in the gallery.
  • Image - Use this to select a full size image from the Media Library.
  • Thumbnail - Media galleries require a smaller thumbnail image as a preview.
  • Teaser Text - Text that appears under the full size image in the gallery slider.
  • Date - Use this to denote the date the image was added or created.

Image Gallery: Example