Time and Leave Reporting

In addition to monitoring your employee’s performance, supervisors are also responsible for monitoring their time and attendance. Supervisors (and designated OPS time sheet approvers) are required to review and approve all on-line Time Sheets and Leave Reports (or Effort and Leave Recaps) for their employees prior to the deadline each bi-weekly period. If you will not be able to perform this duty (i.e., on annual or sick leave), it is your responsibility to schedule one of your proxies to take care of this for you.

If you are a brand new supervisor or time sheet approver, you will need to be set up as a new user and have the proper Banner HR Security. To request this, please follow the instructions below:

  • Log into MyUWF.
  • Search for the Banner Finance and HR Security Access Request app.
  • Select "I am submitting for this for myself".
  • Check the box next to "Request Access to Human Resource Reports".
  • Scroll down to the middle of the page under Routing Approval. Use the magnifying glass under Human Resources: Supervisor/Approver to search for your supervisor. Select the appropriate name from the Search Result box. Save.
  • Type in the Comments field: "New supervisor needs to be set up as a timesheet user with HR Banner Security. Next.
  • Indicate the HR ORGN codes for your employees by indicating the Range of HR ORGN Codes (from/to) or indicating the total number of individual HR ORGN codes you will need, then adding each one individually.
  • Start the Routing.

Every supervisor or time sheet approver should have at least two proxies who can approve time in their absence. To designate or delete a proxy:

  • Log into the web time system.
  • Click on the Proxy Set Up link at the bottom/middle of the page.
  • Select your proxies from the drop down menu. Note: Your proxies must also have Banner HR Security for your Home Orgn(s).

Non-exempt employees are subject to the minimum wage and overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Therefore, they must submit a bi-weekly Time Sheet accounting for all hours worked. Non-exempt employees should not work beyond their established work hours unless specifically authorized by their supervisor. They should not work over forty (40) hours per week, all jobs combined, without advance approval by their supervisor. Overtime pay is calculated on a weekly basis (Sunday through Saturday) - not based on the bi-weekly pay period. All hours worked over 40 during a week is to be paid at 1 1/2 time. If overtime is worked, an approved Request for Overtime‌ form is also required and due in HR by the end of the payroll period.

To help reduce errors, supervisors should review and approve each individual Time Sheet and not utilize the “Select All, Approve” option. This will minimize the need for manual Effort and Leave Recaps due to errors. If you discover an error on your employee’s current Time Sheet and it is necessary to “Return for Correction”, please add a comment explaining why it is being returned and notify the employee. If there is an error on a Time Sheet for a previous pay period, it can only be corrected with an Effort and Leave Recap. Recaps have the same deadline as the on-line Time Sheets and should be submitted to Human Resources by web time cutoff. The Web Time deadline is typically every other Monday at 10:00 a.m. However, it may be earlier due to university holidays. See the Payroll Calendar for a complete list of pay periods and Web Time Entry deadlines.

Exempt employees are salaried and only report exceptions or leave taken. These employees must submit a Leave Report only in those bi-weekly periods in which they have exceptions or use leave. OPS salaried/exempt employees who are absent from work for one or more full days for personal reasons, should submit an Effort Recap to have those hours deducted from their salary, if they are not otherwise able to make them up later in the same work week.

Supervisors and Office Administrators may find the Information Navigator Report OHR000068, Pending/In Progress Leave Reports, helpful in tracking pending leave reports for their Home Orgn.

Overtime/Overtime Comp/Special Comp (OPS excluded):
Non-exempt employees who physically worked over 40 hours per week earn Overtime Pay (1 ½ time) or Overtime Comp (1 ½ time). The decision to accrue Overtime Comp in lieu of pay should be agreed upon by the employee and supervisor.

Non-exempt employees who exceed 40 hours in a week that includes Sick Leave, Holidays, or Administrative Leave earn Special Comp. Note: Employees who worked 40 hours or more and used Sick Leave have the option of canceling the Sick Leave or requesting Special Comp.

Non-exempt employees who exceed 40 hours in a week that includes Annual Leave, should adjust their Annual Leave (flexible work week).

Exempt employees do not earn Overtime Pay, Overtime Comp or Special Comp.

Note: Special rules apply to Police Officers and employees working during FEMA approved emergency closures.  Contact HR for details.

Holiday Pay (OPS excluded):
Employees must be in active pay status the day prior to a holiday in order to be eligible for Holiday Pay.

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