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UWF Appointment Types

UWF hires employees in four major types of appointments: Executive Service, Faculty, University Work Force and Other Personal Services (OPS).

Executive Service, Faculty, and University Work Force positions are generally employees who complete university mission critical duties within established positions. Each of these positions has an individual position number and an individual job description (except Faculty). These positions can be full-time or part-time and accrue benefits accordingly.

Executive Service:
Executive Service positions ordinarily report directly to the President or Board of Trustees (BOT) of the University and include the President, Executive Vice President, Vice Presidents and other executive level positions. These positions are at the will of the President and BOT and have no expectation of appointment beyond a 60 day notice period unless there is a contractual agreement altering these terms.

Faculty positions are generally for the purpose of teaching, research, or administration of academic departments. They are contractual in nature and may be renewed annually. Faculty contracts are generally for twelve or nine months and typically begin in August.

University Work Force:
University Work Force positions fall into seven different categories: Administrative/Managerial, Crafts/Trades, Executive Administration, Office/Program Support, Professional, Services, Specialized and Paraprofessional. University Work Force employees are required to serve an initial one-year probationary period or Position Orientation Year.

University Work Force (Time-Limited Positions):
Time-limited positions are typically positions funded by a contract or grant for a specified period of time. Employees filling positions designated as time-limited do not have retention rights under layoff rules and regulations, nor have layoff appeal rights. Note: Time-limited position numbers have a "T" as the last digit.

Other Personal Services (OPS):
OPS Staff and OPS Student appointments are temporary, at-will employment. These positions are used to accomplish short term or intermittent tasks. These employees do not fill established individual positions, but are in pooled categories. OPS employees are not eligible for most benefits (i.e. annual leave, sick leave, holidays and tuition waiver). However, they are eligible for the mandatory State of Florida 401(a) FICA Alternative Plan, Employee Assistance Program, participation in certain State Group Insurance benefits (must meet eligibility requirements) and certain investment plans.