Time and Leave Reporting

It is an employee’s responsibility to timely and accurately report their hours worked and/or leave taken. Timesheets and leave reports are official pay documents. They should be completed and submitted only by the employee and should be an accurate reflection of hours worked or leave taken. Deliberate misrepresentation of time and/or leave is considered falsification of records and can be grounds for dismissal.

Non-exempt employees must submit a biweekly timesheet accounting for all hours as worked. They should not work beyond their established work hours unless specifically authorized by their supervisor. They also should not work over forty (40) hours per week, all jobs combined, without advance approval by their supervisor.

Non-exempt (hourly paid) employees who work overtime (over 40 hours) during a workweek (Sunday through Saturday) are to properly report these hours in the Overtime category on their online timesheet during Web Time processing. If the overtime is to be charged to a different pay index other than the one for the position, this is to be notated by using the “Add Comment” button. This information can be entered when the employee submits their timesheet OR by the Supervisor during the approval step. Note: If there is no pay index notated in the comments section, the Payroll Department will charge the overtime hours to the position’s current pay index(es). If an employee fails to properly report overtime earned on their online timesheet, an Effort and Leave Recap will be required. There is a field on the Effort and Leave Recap form to designate the overtime pay index, if it differs from the position’s current pay index.

University Work Force Exempt employees are salaried and must submit a leave report. Leave reports are only for those biweekly periods in which they have exceptions or use leave.

OPS salaried/exempt employees who are absent from work for one or more full days for personal reasons, should submit an OPS Effort and Leave Recap/timesheet to have those hours deducted from their salary; if they are not otherwise able to make them up later in the same work week.

If you are unsure whether your position is classified as non-exempt or exempt, your hiring manager can clarify this for you.

UWF uses the Banner Self-Service Web Time Entry system. This system allows you to log into a secure website and submit your timesheet/leave report from any computer or device with access to the Internet. Your timesheet or leave report will be approved online by your supervisor, or their designated proxy, and sent electronically to the Payroll Department for processing. The Web Time Entry deadline is typically every other Monday at 10:00 a.m. However, it may be earlier due to university holidays. See the 2020 Annual Payroll Calendar for a complete list of pay periods and Web Time Entry deadlines.

If you do not submit your timesheet by the biweekly deadline, you will no longer have access online for that period. You must submit a paper Effort and Leave Recap form in order to submit your hours. You will also need an Effort and Leave Recap form if you need to make changes to a previously approved timesheet or leave report. Contact your supervisor immediately, if you have a need for this form.

Training Presentations and Guides

Effort and Leave Recap Forms

Effort and Leave Recaps vary by Employee Class. Please be sure to use the correct form for the Employee Class of the person submitting the Effort and Leave Recap. The Effort and Leave Recap should be completed for ALL hours worked during the 2-week pay period, not just for corrections. An Effort and Leave Recap is a replacement to anything previously submitted online in the Web Time Entry system.

Please refer to the 2020 Annual Payroll Calendar for all pay period start and end dates. When completing the Effort and Leave Recap, fill in the start date of the pay period in the top portion of the form and the column dates will automatically populate.

  • OPS/Student Effort and Leave Recap – OPS Student and OPS Staff employees who are paid by the hour and submit biweekly timesheets. This form can also be used by OPS salaried employees who are absent for one or more days for personal reasons so they can report those hours and have them deducted from their pay.
  • Non-Exempt Effort and Leave Recap – University Work Force Staff and Faculty employees who are required to submit biweekly timesheets reporting all hours worked and leave taken.
  • Exempt Leave Recap – University Work Force Staff and Faculty employees who are paid on a salaried basis and submit Leave Reports only in periods which they used leave.

Effort and Leave Recap Forms via DocuSign

Human Resources is now able to accept Effort and Leave Recap Forms via DocuSign. Please contact your supervisor or Office Administrator in order to utilize this option as DocuSign senders must be set up by ITS.