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Financial Planning Series

A Guide to Planning for Tomorrow - A series of seven two-hour informational programs designed to help you plan for your financial future. Spouses are also invited to attend.

Financial Planning Series

Please go online to the HR Professional Development Learning Library as early as possible to enroll in classes. Sessions in the series includes:

  • When Employment Income Fades: Social Security & Medicare
  • Using the Florida Retirement Series to Plan for Retirement 
  • A Different Kind of Savings Plan: Deferred Compensation 
  • Protecting Your Family's Future: Estate Planning
  • Medicare Made Easy
  • Investing 101: 403(b) Tax Deferred Annuities and the Optional Retirement Plan
  • Financing & Planning your Benefits Transition to Retirement

For more information on the Financial Planning Series, please contact Human Resources at 850.474.2694.

Course Outline

When Employment Income Fades: Social Security & Medicare

Course Description: Social Security benefits have often been key in supplementing income when earnings are reduced by retirement, disability, or death. Some of the topics to be discussed include the following: How work credit is earned, who receives benefits, what happens if you return to employment after benefits have commenced, and debunking myths related to the programs. Accessing Social Security and Medicare benefits will also be discussed.

Using the Florida Retirement Series to Plan for Retirement

Course Description: This workshop provides an overview of the Florida Retirement System (FRS) and helps you understand the nuts and bolts of planning for your retirement — regardless of where you are in your career. The workshop will demonstrate the importance of planning as early in your career as possible. You will see the role the FRS Retirement Plans play in meeting your financial goals as well as the income gap that must be made up through saving and investing. You will leave the workshop with a full understanding of the ongoing financial planning resources available to you as a member of the FRS and a personal action plan to improve your chances of meeting your retirement goals.

A Different Kind of Savings Plan: Deferred Compensation 

Course Description: All employees are eligible to contribute a portion of their salaries to a Deferred Compensation 457 plan. The representative will list planning suggestions for those considering retirement. The steps for accessing your investments after separation will be reviewed at this session. There will also be a discussion regarding lump sum payouts for leave into 457 plans.

Protecting Your Family's Future: Estate Planning

Course Description: Thinking about a family member’s passing is never pleasant, but planning ahead can help ease your loved one’s stress later. Would those closest to you know what to do if something were to happen to you? This session will help answer questions like, “Will my spouse or children inherit anything automatically?”, “Is a will the only document I should consider for estate planning?” or, “How do I protect my assets, and who will pay for long term nursing care?” Come learn more about practical steps you can take now regardless of your assets or age.

Medicare Made Easy

Course Description: Clear up your confusion about parts A, B C & D of Medicare, enrollment rules, differences between supplements, advantage plans, retiree coverage and more….all in easy to understand plain English. Designed for those approaching Medicare &/or those wanting a review.

Investing 101: 403(b) Tax Deferred Annuities and the Optional Retirement Plan

Course Description: The world of investing can sometimes be complicated. Whether you are new to all the vocabulary associated with this financial realm or if you just want a refresher, this session is for you. All employees can benefit from learning about mutual funds and tax sheltered annuities. The presentation will cover basic guidelines on the types of investment funds you may want to consider as well as accessing your investments upon retirement.

Financing & Planning your Benefits Transition to Retirement

Course DescriptionThis session will discuss the decision to retain insurance after your retirement and the rates. You will also review which insurances may be continued after your retirement. You will receive a Retirement Benefits Checklist and instructions regarding this important transition.