Intro to Budget Trainee

Participants must complete all three budget courses within a two year period to earn a Certificate in Budgeting.

  • Budget Certificate - Where Does the Money Go?
  • Budget Certificate - Budget Transfers & Reports
  • Budget Certificate - Budget Basics (non RSP)

For more information on the Certificate in Budgeting, please contact Human Resources at 850-474-2694.

Course Outline

Where Does the Money Go?:

This workshop is designed to present an overview of UWF's budget, what revenue sources make up the university's income, and how the funds from the revenue sources are allocated and expended.  Various websites will be provided as helpful budget tools which can be used daily.

Budget Basics (non-RSP):

Learn the basics about UWF budgets.  How the budget is established, transferred, and managed.  We will be exploring the annual Operating Budget Book and Schedule C.

Budget Transfers & Reports:

In this class we will be reviewing Budget Transfer rules and limitations.  And we will also be exploring Information Navigator reports used as tools to help manage departmental budgets.

To receive the Budget Certificate you must complete all 3 classes: Where Does the Money Go?, Budget Basics, and Budget Transfer Overview and Reports.

For more information contact, Jeffrey Djerlek at 850-474-2759.