Special Forms

Effort and Leave Recaps

Human Resources is now able to accept Effort and Leave Recap Forms via DocuSign. All recaps must have the required information completed on them in order for Human Resources to process. This information can be easily obtained via Information Navigator report, OHR000011, Employee Summary. The Pay Period and dates can be found by viewing the current Payroll Calendar on the Controller's Office, Payroll Department webpage. When you input the “From” date on the recap, the remainder of the pay period dates will automatically populate for you. Effort and Leave Recaps which are sent via DocuSign that are completed incorrectly or are incomplete will not be able to be processed. These will be declined for processing in DocuSign and the department will have to begin the process over.

In addition, in order to be able to send documents through DocuSign you must take the DocuSign Sender training which is available through SCOOP and be set up as a Sender by ITS. Please refer to the “Obtaining DocuSign Sender Certification” process in Confluence.

Please complete all fields on the recap forms to guarantee proper processing. An effort recap form is a replacement of anything done online, so be sure to include all hours worked and/or leave taken (when applicable). 

Note: When completing the recap forms, select the cell for the start date of the pay period and type in the date. If you need assistance with the pay period dates, please use the Payroll Calendar on the Controller's Office, Payroll Department webpage. When you type the start date, all other dates on the form will update accordingly.