Homecoming FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Homecoming at UWF.

When Is Homecoming 2018?

UWF Homecoming runs from Oct. 8-13.

Where Is Homecoming Held?

Homecoming takes place at several locations on the main UWF campus in Pensacola, including the Cannon Green, Field House, Aquatic Center and Soccer Complex. Football events will take place at Community Maritime Park in downtown Pensacola. Please refer to our schedule for details.

What Events Are Part of UWF Homecoming?

During Homecoming, we Transform the Campus, compete in the Golden Fleece Challenge, present the Homecoming Court, crown Mr. or Ms. UWF, celebrate Cannon Fest, dance during a concert, tailgate before cheering on our Argos at the football game, race cardboard boats across the pool and more! We strive each year to make UWF Homecoming innovative and exciting while maintaining our traditions within the campus community.

How Much Do The Events Cost?

Most events are FREE for UWF students! Students need to bring their Nautilus IDs to swipe at each event. Tickets are required for the football game and the Colchis concert. Colchis ticket distribution for students will start at 9 a.m. at the Service Desk. Tickets will be available for purchase to alumni and community members beginning Thursday, Oct. 11, at noon.

What Is This Year's Theme?

Argonavtica: Argonavtica is the map that depicts the lands that Jason and the Argonauts traveled to.

Who Are Mr. and Mrs. UWF?

This is a tradition unique to UWF. Mr. and Ms. UWF are our equivalent of a Homecoming king or queen and are members of the Homecoming Court. Juniors or seniors can apply to be on Homecoming Court. Check back this fall for details on the application process.

Can My Organization(s) or Group of Friends Get Involved With Homecoming?

Yes! We will have an online registration form and info packet your organization/group can fill out to register for the Golden Fleece Challenge. You select which events you would like to participate in. Points are awarded for participation and in some cases first-fifth place.

How Else Can I Get Involved With Homecoming?

There are multiple ways to get involved:

Come to the events! No matter your commitment level to Homecoming, everyone can be involved with our events by attending events and showing your UWF pride! You can apply to represent the best and brightest on the Homecoming Court. You could even be crowned Mr. or Ms. UWF!

Our highest-level commitments for our most outstanding leaders are the Homecoming Directors. Directors are chosen within a month after Homecoming. These directors work for a year to plan, lead and facilitate UWF’s largest event. Applications generally open right after Homecoming week.

For more information, contact our Homecoming Director.

What Is Colchis?

In the mythological Greek tale of Jason and the Argonauts, Colchis is the city where Jason found the Golden Fleece. At UWF, Colchis is Homecoming's signature concert event, with a different artist performing each year.

How Is The Colchis Entertainer/Performer Chosen? When Will The Artist Be Announced?

The artist is chosen in collaboration with the student Homecoming Directors, the Homecoming Steering Committee and sponsoring campus organizations. The artist is announced at the beginning of the fall semester. Previous Homecoming concerts have featured Waka Flocka Flame, Dan + Shay, DJ Caked Up, T-Pain, Roscoe Dash, We The Kings, Ludacris and others from various genres.

What Are Some Promotional Items That Will Be Given Out?

Past events have featured such items as color-changing cups, Koozies, Frisbees, tank tops, sunglasses and foam swords. And best of all — it’s FREE! We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for Homecoming, and as always, you can expect an amazing T-shirt to go with this year’s theme!

Does Homecoming Give Back To Our Community?

Homecoming supports our on-campus Argo Pantry, serving students in need with donations of nonperishable food and personal care items. While anyone can donate, we especially encourage our students and organizations participating in the Golden Fleece Challenge and the UWF departments/offices participating in the Blue & Green Challenge to receive points for their donations.

How Can I Stay Updated With Homecoming?