Policies & Procedures


  • Officer Update Form

    Officers must be updated within 2 weeks of the semester or once an officer has changed by submitting the form above to Fraternity & Sorority Life via email.

  • Roster Update Form

    This is a google form to notify FSL of the members you removed/added on your roster. You are to fill out this form anytime you add or remove someone from your chapter. Only chapter presidents or executive officers submissions will be considered valid. All instructions are on the form link above.

  • Membership Intake Form

    The Membership Intake form must be filled out by the chapter and signed by the prospective member in order to verify their grades before completing the Membership Intake Process. This is done by submitting the form above to Fraternity & Sorority Life (must be original copy) with enough time to verify grades and get back to the chapter before invitations are extended. All of this information is kept confidential.

  • Chapter Hazing Compliance Form

    Each chapter president and new member educator must fill out this hazing compliance form before they can conduct a new member education process. This form along with the submitting of their new member program signed by appropriate advisor and the corresponding grade release forms will allow them to conduct a new member education process.

  • New Member Hazing Compliance Form

    Each fraternity or sorority new member must sign this form within 48 hours of becoming a new member. Fraternity & Sorority Life will assist in the completion of these forms during respective recruitment bid signing. This form should be turned in by any prospective members along with the membership intake form for all organizations conducting intake before the organization starts their process.


Fraternal Excellence Annual Report & Awards Application

The purpose of the Fraternal Excellence Program serves to assess each fraternity and sorority chapter on the basic requirements of operations. Each chapter will fill out an application that objectively assesses them in each of the five values of Fraternity and Sorority Life at UWF: Academic Excellence, Ethical Leadership, Community, Personal Development, and Philanthropy & Service. Based on the points earned in a chapter’s application, the chapter will be assigned a star rating between 1 and 5 stars, signifying a chapter has not met the basic requirements or has gone above and beyond the set expectations, respectively. This information will be used as the basis for an annual FSL community report used to track the yearly progress and standards of our individual chapters and the community as a whole.

The program also serves to recognize and reward excellence, progress, and innovation within the FSL community by affording chapters the opportunity to apply for awards specific to a chapter’s operations or programs. These include: Academic Programming, Ethical Leadership, Philanthropic/Service Programming, Membership Development Programming, Collaborative Programming, Breakthrough Chapter, and Chapter Choice (selected by peers in the community). Winners will be announced each Spring that the annual Fraternal Excellence Awards Banquet.





The following resources have been created by Fraternity & Sorority Life at UWF for our chapter officers to utilize in order to maximize their chapter's success in specific areas. Each resource in this area links to a PDF that you can download. The documents have links to other sites, pages you can copy and use with your chapter, and information you can use to improve your programs. We encourage all chapters to take full advantage of these resources.

 The following links are websites with many resources for chapters to utilize: