IFC Recruitment

Information and registration for Interfraternity Council recruitment can be found here.

IFC Recruitment

Register for IFC Recruitment

Fraternity recruitment takes place at the beginning of each semester. As a new student at UWF, recruitment is a great introduction to college life and a chance to form a network of close friends within weeks of arriving on campus. IFC kicks off recruitment with events where men will be able to learn more about each IFC fraternity. Some events will take place on campus and others will be hosted at other sites. You are welcome to attend as many events hosted by as many fraternities as you are interested in. Recruitment culminates with the presentation and accepting of bids on IFC Bid Day. 

All PNMs must register for IFC recruitment to have their grades verified before receiving or accepting a bid. This registration allows each fraternity to see your contact information, and for our office to verify that you have the minimum GPA for IFC recruitment (3.00 cumulative/2.50 core high school GPA for first-time-in-college students. For students with an existing college/university GPA, a 2.50 is required. This is based upon whichever is your most recent enrollment). We encourage all interested UWF men interested to fill out the registration so you are in the system for that semester. There is no fee to register.


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