Check Your Financial Aid Status

Check your status online or contact us and we can help.

In addition to contacting us, you can also check your status through the MyUWF student portal to determine if you have been awarded. Your financial aid package may be a combination of scholarships, loans, grants, and Federal Work-Study funds. Find out how we determine your award

Steps to Review/Accept Financial Aid Award(s):

  1. Select & Search "Financial Aid" from MyUWF. (Star app as favorite).
  2. Select "Award."
  3. Select "Award for Aid Year."
  4. Select the Aid year from drop down list. (i.e., 2019-2020 Aid Year)
  5. Select the "Terms and Conditions Tab," and read carefully before accepting.
  6. Select the "Accept Award Offer" tab.
    1. View the drop down box next to your scholarship.
    2. Now you will see your current financial aid awards. To accept or decline your aid, locate the drop down menu next to each award type (Scholarships, grants and/or Loans) and make your decision.
  7. Select "Submit Decision."
  8. Reminder: Ensure you don't have any outstanding requirements. Do this by scrolling down below the awards to view any additional steps required. Pending items WILL prevent our office from releasing any of your financial aid. 

Additional questions or need help walking through these steps please contact the Financial Aid Office at 850.474.2400, email at, or your Financial Aid Counselor.