Cross-Cultural Competency Certificate Program

In collaboration with University College, the Office of Equity & Diversity now offers courses in cross-cultural competency. Please sign up for classes through the HR Training Reservation Desk.

About the Certificate Program

Any University of West Florida faculty or staff member is eligible to earn the Cross-Cultural Competency Certificate. Participants must complete the core course plus 5 additional courses (6 courses = 12 hours).  All who complete the certificate program will be honored at the annual Office of Equity & Diversity Awards ceremony in April of each year. 

Learning Objectives:

Participants in this course will learn to:

  • define culture and better understand cultural differences.
  • explore cultural self-awareness by examining our individual life paths.
  • understand how our individual world-views impact us in the workplace.
  • understand how culture affects the way we communicate.
  • learn the importance of adjusting behavior in various cultural settings.
  • learn to collaborate effectively with those we perceive as different from ourselves.
  • develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that improve cross-cultural competence.
  • improve interaction with members of our university community from all walks of life.
  • contribute positively to an environment of inclusive excellence at UWF.

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