Project Search

This page provides more detailed information on the Project Search program.

Project Search

Project Search is a high school transition program with a business led collaboration that enables young adults with disabilities to gain and maintain employment through training and career exploration.

The program takes place in a healthcare, business or higher education setting where total immersion in the workplace facilitates the teaching and learning process through continuous feedback and acquisition of employability and competitive work skills.  Each site has a certified teacher and job coaches to work with the students and the business.

Benefits to the Students:

  • Participation in a variety of internships in a high-status local business.
  • Acquire competitive, transferable, and marketable job skills.
  • Increased confidence, independence, and self esteem.
  • Obtain on-site and individualized instruction, support, and accommodations.
  • Linkage to vocational rehabilitation and other adult service agencies.

Project Search Program Goals:

  • Partnership with host business, vocational rehabilitation and education.
  • Career exploration in a variety of entry level positions.
  • Travel training – access public transportation when available.
  • Participation in employability skills curriculum.
  • Practice in interviewing, feedback an assessment with Project Search and host business staff.
  • Completion of three internships (10 – 12 weeks each).
  • Attainment of competitive, marketable, transferable job skills.
  • Documentation of skills and knowledge in a portfolio.
  • Job placement in a competitive job matching their skills and interest.

The Project Search Program has been on the University of West Florida campus since 2010.  Approximately 60% of the students have graduated with gainful employment. For information, please contact Sylvia Patterson at (850) 474-2518.