Prior to receiving accommodations and services, students must register with the Student Disability Resource Center and provide appropriate documentation of a disability.

Listed below are the steps you must take to successfully register with SDRC. To enroll for services students are required to:

  • Apply and be admitted to the University of West Florida.
  • Complete the online SDRC Enrollment Application.
  • Provide appropriate and current documentation of a disability on official letterhead of the doctor, institution, and or agency making the diagnosis (SDRC Documentation Requirements). The documentation is reviewed and evaluated to determine if UWF’s documentation guidelines have been met and to determine if the student’s condition meets the criteria for having a disability. Staff will determine [usually within 7-14 business days after receipt of documentation] your eligibility for accommodations prior to meeting with you.
  • Make an interview appointment to meet with the SDRC staff. During the interview the student's disability, documentation, and academic history are discussed, services are explained, and the rights and responsibilities of the student and UWF are reviewed.

Students interested in obtaining services at SDRC for a disability should begin the process described above as soon as possible. If additional information is needed at any time during the process, the procedure of reviewing documentation can be delayed, which may also delay the delivery of academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and/or services.

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Click on the image to complete the SDRC Enrollment Application.

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