SDRC Forms Overview

This page contains descriptions of all current Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) forms. These documents are works in progress and may change over time. Notification of these changes will be posted on our home page.

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Application for Services - Prior to receiving accommodations and services, students must register with the SDRC and provide appropriate documentation of their disability. To begin this process, complete this enrollment application.

Temporary Disability Service Application - Students requesting assistance through the SDRC for a temporarily disabling condition must complete this form. While all requests will be considered, there is no guarantee that such services will be provided.

Campus Event Interpreter Request Form - Students requesting a sign language interpreter for a campus event must complete this form. This request must be made at least three business days prior to the date of the event, and must be made through the SDRC, not with the individual interpreter or agency.

Student Academic Coach Request Form - Currently enrolled SDRC students can request Academic Coaching Services by completing this form. Additional information can be found on the Academic Coaching page.

Volunteer Academic Coach Registration Form - Please complete this form if you are interested in volunteering to be an Academic Coach.

SDRC Accommodate

UWF has purchased a software package called Accommodate to help SDRC manage the process of identifying, approving, delivering, and managing accommodations available to UWF students. The Classroom Semester Accommodation Request Form and the Test Request Form are now available through the SDRC Accommodate Student Portal.

Classroom Semester Accommodation Request Form - Prior to submitting this form, students must complete the registration process with SDRC and be approved for accommodations. In order for SDRC to provide your instructor with verification of your eligibility for accommodation, you must submit this form each semester.

Test Request Form - Whenever possible, students are encouraged to schedule exams under the direct supervision of their instructors or their designees. If this is not possible, students may take their exam at SDRC. Prior to requesting SDRC to coordinate the exams, students must discuss testing needs with instructors first. If the instructor is not able to provide a space for testing, students must submit this form five (5) business days prior to the scheduled exam date.