There's An App For That - Time Management & Organization

This page provides information on apps to help track tasks and appointments, when they are due, and when you have completed them.


Wunderlist is a clean task manager designed to help you separate your to-dos into multiple projects. You can sort your tasks by high-level project—like school, internships or personal—as well as by the date each task is due.

Wunderlist also allows for user collaboration by letting you share projects with others. So if you're working on a group assignment, you can delegate tasks and check in on the team's progress using a shared Wunderlist project.

Wunderlist Tips

  • Create separate Wunderlist lists for common tasks, like homework, debate club, and internship search.
  • If you're working with classmates on a project, add them to a shared list so you can track everyone's progress.
  • If you have a task that repeats, like homework for specific classes, use Wunderlists' "recurring task" feature.

Wunderlist for iPhones

Wunderlist for Android is the simplest task management tool on this page. Its minimal interface shows what you need to do today, tomorrow, later, and someday, so you're not overloaded with a laundry list of responsibilities. At the beginning of the day, walks you through a "daily review" where you decide what you want to tackle that day, and what you want to defer until later. natively integrates with Google Apps, too. That means you can add to-dos in Gmail with the help of a Chrome extension, and the Android app even asks if there are any action items whenever you leave a meeting that was on your Google Calendar. Tips

  • Install the chrome extension so that you can add to-dos from emails.
  • Set recurring tasks for things that you do on a regular basis.
  • Sync with your calendar and download it on your phone. It will prompt you after each meeting to record any takeaways, and remind you to do them later. for iPhone for Android

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