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Suicide Outreach & Support

SOS is an integrated, coordinated, multi-level suicide prevention program that includes universal prevention strategies aimed at the general campus population with special emphasis placed on reaching gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (GLBTQ) students and military-affiliated students, including active duty servicepersons, veterans, and military spouses and dependents.

‌‌‌‌‌The SOS Program

QPR Gatekeeper Training

This is a training program that builds skills for recognizing suicide warning signs and responding effectively to them offered to faculty, staff, and students. QPR is easy to learn, takes only one hour and is free to students, faculty and staff. To find out about how to schedule a training for your department or student organization, call April Glenn at 474-2420 or e-mail: Please follow this link for more information on QPR.

Active Minds, Inc.

Counseling & Psychological Services works closely with Active Minds, Inc., a national non-Profit organization for students to help promote awareness and reduce stigmatization surrounding mental health. You can learn more about Active Minds and their relationship with UWF CAPS by following UWF Active Minds on Facebook.

Social Marketing Campaign

Counseling & Psychological Services created a Social Marketing Campaign to increase student knowledge and awareness of suicide warning signs and risk factors, with linkage to national suicide hotline resources. The social marketing poster campaign is a five poster series developed to dispel suicide myths, reduce stigma regarding mental health treatment, promote help seeking, and provide brief educational tips on how to help a friend in crisis. Each poster features a branded campaign and includes images of a diverse group of college students. Follow these links to see the Reach Out!Treatment Works!Ask!Act!, and Get Help! posters in PDF format.‌‌

How to Help a Student Who May Be Having Thoughts About Suicide

Click the logos below for more information on suicide prevention and support. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Counseling & Psychological Services at (850) 474-2420.

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Veterans Crisis Line logo and phone number.
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