Career & Major Resources

Selecting a major and planning for a career do not have to be intimidating for students or their families. Still, taking steps early is key to landing opportunities and positioning oneself well in the 21st century marketplace. Ultimate career satisfaction and success can often be traced back to what students put into their career development during their early days in college. We provide students with a roadmap, the Career Development Model, which serves as an informed tracking device that allows for systematic exploration and planning toward a meaningful career. The stages of the Career Development Model are listed below.

Career Development Model Stages

Stage 1: Explore

Stage 2: Discover

Stage 3: Prepare

Stage 4: Implement

Please see the Career Development Guide for the specific action steps that you can work with your student to achieve. You might consider using the Career Development Model as a tracking system to help your student monitor progress toward goal completion.

Because there is rarely a “one size fits all” answer or approach when contemplating career decisions and planning, appointments with trained career coaches are strongly encouraged.

These appointments include the following:

Career Coaching

Major Exploration

Resume and Curriculum Vitae Construction and Review

Professional Correspondence

Mock Interviews


Private Sector and Federal Job Searching

Salary Negotiations

Social Media and Online Identity

We can also work with students considering advanced degrees in making decisions, exploring options among graduate programs, meeting application requirements, and constructing effective personal statements/letters of intent. 

Drop-in services are another opportunity for students to meet with a career coach.  Students can receive resume and cover letter critiques, interviewing tips, and JasonQuest tutorials through these quick, no-appointment-needed time blocks. In addition to our offerings at our main office, drop-in hours are also regularly conducted at satellite locations around campus through our On-the-Go Services.

Alongside appointments and drop-in hours, staff members regularly present on the above-listed topics and others including office politics, workplace communication, professional attire, and dining etiquette. Ask your student to review JasonQuest’s Career Events page for upcoming workshops and other opportunities, such as the Etiquette Dinner, Employer Site Visits, or the Careers In… panels, events where they can explore career options and also learn tools and techniques that will lead to career success.