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Why UWF?

Thank you for your interest in recruiting at the University of West Florida (UWF)! UWF offers over 70 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and Career Services is here to assist you in connecting with our students and alumni and building your brand on campus.

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Building a Presence on Campus

UWF Career Services offers a variety of programs to help employers find the right employee. Our comprehensive, centralized Career Services office works with UWF’s five academic colleges, more than 13,000 students, as well as our alumni to assist organizations in finding the right “fit” for their positions. 

To begin building your brand on campus, please review our Employer Guide and consult with our Employer Relations team by calling 850-474-2254.

  1. POST POSITIONS  JasonQuest is an online database allowing employers to post positions (full-time, part-time, seasonal, internships, volunteer, CoOp), schedule on-campus interviews, and register for career events. Open positions will only be posted through our JasonQuest system and are available to students/alumni 24 hours a day. Students can send their resumes directly to you via their JasonQuest account. Registration and postings are absolutely free!

    *Once you create your profile, Career Services will activate your account so you can post jobs and register for events. Accounts are activated during regular business hours.

  2. ATTEND A RECRUITING EVENT! UWF Career Services hosts a variety of career fairs and events every Fall and Spring semester. These events are open to all majors and disciplines and are a great way for students to network with recruiters from a variety of industries. For a list of upcoming events, visit the Events page.

  3. MEET and GREETS! Consider scheduling a Meet and Greet to educate students about your organization and networking.  If this is your first time on campus, hosting a Meet and Greet is crucial (virtual info sessions are available) to build your organization's brand.

  4. INTERNSHIP or CoOp Cooperative Education (CoOp) and Internships are supervised career related work experiences. CoOp generally last three semesters, while an internship is one semester. Learn more about how to begin a CoOp or Internship program with UWF below.

  5. PARTNER WITH US  Each year, Career Services hosts a variety of exciting educational programs for our students and alumni. We welcome you to partner with us on these programs through our #iHireUWF Employer Partnership Program.  Visit the Partner With Us page to learn more about our #iHireUWF Employer Partnership Program.

  6. OUTREACH! Developing relationships will definitely make a difference in your recruitment strategy. Consult with the Employer Connections Team to develop strategies for presentations on campus or to collaborate with student organizations and more.


Senior electrical engineering student Brandon Sellers solders components on a circuit board making an erosion monitor at the University of West Florida Friday April 1, 2016 in Pensacola, Florida. (Michael Spooneybarger/ CREO)

Developing Internship & Cooperative Education (CoOp) Programs

Internships and CoOps are formal, supervised learning experiences where students may apply knowledge and information acquired from their academic program of choice. These programs should incorporate clear objectives of what the student will learn. If you feel like you have opportunities that are reflective of any of the programs below, consult with UWF Career Services.

Internships: An internship is most often a one semester experience that may or may not be for course credit. It may also be paid or non-paid; however, non-paid internships should comply with the Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA). Paid internships must comply with minimum wage and overtime pay requirements under the FLSA. Hours per week are determined by employer and intern for both types of internships positions.

Cooperative Education: Cooperative education programs (CoOps) are multi-semester experiences that are always for course credit and always paid. Students may choose from two types of CoOps: parallel or alternating. A parallel CoOp student works and goes to school at least 3 semesters in a row, averaging 15-25 hours a week at work and 9-12 academic credits. An alternating CoOp student alternates between workplace and school semester by semester, working 40 hours a week during work terms and going to school full time during academic terms.

Please review our Employer Guide and Cooperative Education Benefits Sheet for more information about this program.

Weighing the Benefits Between Internships and Cooperative Education

  • Both CoOps and Internships are intended to be learning experiences for the student; the intent should be to help students grow and develop in their career field and to connect their work to what they are learning in the classroom.
  • Internships work well for short-term projects, typically only taking about 4 months to complete.
  • The commitment for the student and the employer is shorter with internships.
  • CoOps work well for any organization looking to have an “intern” for longer than a semester.
  • CoOps allow the student to gain responsibilities semester by semester and she/he stays with the organization for at least 3 semesters.
  • Both CoOps and internships are great avenues for converting a student to full-time status, without the need to spend added recruitment costs with a CoOp/intern, you have already recruited and trained a potential full-time employee.
Are you a not-for profit organization?

If you are an organization seeking students for volunteer and service opportunities, post your positions using JasonQuest, our free job posting database. For more information, please contact Career Services at 850-474-2254 or career@uwf.edu.