Meet us!

In order to contact our staff please e-mail or call 850.474.2254

  • This is a photo of Director, Lauren Loeffler

    Lauren Loeffler


  • Lindsey Walk- Staff Picture

    Lindsey Walk

    Associate Director

  • Stephanie Jones Staff picture

    Stephanie Dwyer

    Assistant Director, Employer Connections

  • katie hudon staff photo

    Katie Hudon

    Assistant Director of Career Services

  • Tim Moore Staff Photo

    Tim Moore

    Assistant Director, Career Planning

  • Sarah Fox Photo

    Sarah Fox

    Career Planning Coordinator

  • Jennifer Hill staff photo

    Jennifer Hill

    Career Planning Coordinator

  • Julie Rettig staff photo

    Julie Rettig

    Administrative Specialist

  • Maura Little Staff Photo

    Maura Little

    Graduate Assistant

  • Libby Woodard Staff Photo

    Libby Woodard

    Graduate Assistant

  • janae miller staff photo

    Janae Miller

    Front Desk Assistant