Reserve Trolley Shelter Display Space

Use the form below to reserve 2 or 4 posters on an available month.

Before you reserve space, please read the guidelines section of this website. Next, review the Quick Glance Inventory below or view the detailed ‌‌‌‌2018 Trolley Shelter Inventory Sheet (pdf) to determine the months that are available. (This inventory sheet will be updated within 24 hours of receiving your space reservation.) Select either two or four locations on an open month. Remember, the space reservation deadline is the 1st of the month preceding the month the poster will be displayed. The artwork deadline is due by 5pm on the day indicated at the bottom of the ‌‌‌‌Inventory Sheet.

The space reservation for February 2018 only has been extended to January 19. The deadline for artwork is January 24.

QUICK GLANCE - 2018 Trolley Shelter Display Space Inventory
 2018 1VE-out 1VE-in 2VW-out 2VW-in 3SE-out 3SE-in 4CA-out 4CA-in
JAN  X X  X  X X

Placement Key:

  • 1VE- out: Village East outside of shelter
  • 1VE-in: Village East inside of shelter (with bench)
  • 2VW-out: Village West outside of shelter
  • 2VW-in: Village West inside of shelter (with bench)
  • 3SE-out: Science and Engineering outside of shelter
  • 3SE-in: Science and Engineering inside of shelter (with bench)
  • 4CA-out: Communication Arts outside of shelter
  • 4CA-in: Communication Arts inside of shelter (with bench)

To reserve available display space, link to the Reservation Form, complete and submit it. Business and Auxiliary Services will charge the UWF departmental or organizational account designated through an internal Journal Entry (JE) during the month the poster is displayed.

Link to 2018 Reservation Form