Institutional Planning and Accountability

UWF's planning, budgeting, and reporting processes are framed within state goals, the State University System strategic plan, the University's own mission and strategic plan, multi-year work plans, UWF's highlighted priorities and activities, legislative budget requests, divisional and unit-level plans and SPARA budget requests, and individual personnel plans.

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UWF engages in ongoing, integrated strategic planning and institutional effectiveness processes that ensure that the institution periodically and systematically reviews and updates its mission statement, has it approved by the University Board of Trustees and the Board of Governors for the State University System of Florida, and communicates it to the broader University community. The University's mission statement serves as the foundation for all University activities and operations, including, but not limited to, strategic and master (i.e., capital improvement) planning; policy development; budgeting and resource allocation; academic and student support programming and services; hiring, personnel evaluation, and professional development activities; outreach and community engagement; other aspects of institutional administration; and University-wide institutional effectiveness and continuous improvement efforts. UWF maintains data-informed planning, assessment, and improvement processes at all levels of the University, and across locations and program modalities, with clear linkages to UWF’s mission, vision, values, and strategic priorities. This integrated system of planning, evaluation, and accountability provides the foundation necessary for continuing improvement in institutional quality and provides the means by which UWF demonstrates that it is effectively accomplishing its mission. 

Institutional Planning & Accountability Diagram (PDF)


 2016-2017 Update  2016-06-21 Presentation 2016-2017 Report
Available June 2018
2015-2016 Update 2015-06-17 Presentation 2015-2016 Report
2014-2015 Update 2014-06-17 Presentation  2014-2015 Report
2013-2014 Update 2013-06-14 Presentation 2013-2014 Report
2012-2013 Update 2012-06-19 Presentation 2012-2013 Report
2011-2012 Update 2011-06-22 Presentation 2011-2012 Report
2010-2011 Work Plan 2010-06-16 Presentation 2010-2011 Report

2009-2010 Report (Vol I)

2009-2010 (Vol II)

    2008-2009 Report