What is Quality Matters?

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Quality Matters (QM) is a faculty-centered, peer review process designed to certify the quality of online courses and online components. Sponsored by MarylandOnline, Inc. Quality Matters has generated widespread interest and received national recognition for its peer-based approach to quality assurance and continuous improvement in online education. Originating from a FIPSE grant, Quality Matters is now a self-supporting organization offering institutional subscriptions and a range of fee-based services including Quality Matters-managed course reviews and an array of trainings. UWF is now a subscribing member of Quality Matters.

QM Program Components

QM consists of three primary components:

  1. The QM Rubric
    • To obtain a copy of the fully-annotated version of the rubric, contact Cindy Mersereau (cmersereau@uwf.edu, 474-3291).
  2. The Course Review Process
  3. QM Professional Development Opportunities for faculty
    • If you are interested in registering for a QM workshop, contact Cindy Mersereau; funding may be available to cover the cost of registration.

Be sure to check out ATC's new Quality Online Course Program initiative! This incentive program compensates faculty for time, effort and commitment to designing and teaching quality online or blended courses.

The QM Rubric Standards

ATC subscribes to the Quality Matters (QM) Rubric Standards as guidelines for designing new online courses and as a strategy for improving existing courses. To learn more about QM @ UWF, follow the link to the left.

See the QM Rubric Standards at-a-glance QM Rubric Standards at-a-glance* on this one-page PDF document. Our subscription with QM allows faculty at UWF to have access to the 22-page fully annotated version of the Quality Matters rubric, complete with strategies and examples for meeting each standard. Contact Cindy Mersereau at cmersereau@uwf.edu to request a full version copy of the rubric.

*Meeting QM's accessibility Standards does not guarantee or imply that specific country/federal/state/local accessibility regulations are met. Please consult with an accessibility specialist to ensure that accessibility regulations are met (Quality Matters Rubric Standards).

The ATC Course Design Template

The ATC Design Template was created to assist faculty in developing online courses that contain key elements of the Quality Matters standards. It is a great place to start for faculty new to online learning or if you need a logical, consistent and efficient structure for your online course(s).

The template is available in a variety of background styles and colors. Visit the following link to explore the template styles and for instructions on loading a template into your eLearning course shells.ATC Course Design Templates
The template also works well for blended courses!

The ATC course design template was recently recognized
by the Sloan Consortium as an

Effective Practice.

Visit the Training Section of this website to learn more about professional development opportunities. You can sign up for our training through the Reservation Desk.

Learn more about QM:

The QM Bill of Rights for Online Learners:

The following video and document was produced by QM and voices student expectations regarding their online courses.

These "rights" are based on research done in 2010 with more than 3,000 students at 31 institutions by Penny Ralston-Berg, Instructional Designer at the Pennsylvania State University's World Campus. The student rights, or expectations, dovetail nicely with the Quality Matters Rubric.


Contact Cindy Mersereau (cmersereau@uwf.edu) at 474-3291 or June Watkins (jwatkins1@uwf.edu) at 474-3165 to arrange a QM information session or hands-on workshop for your department.

Visit the QM website at http://www.qualitymatters.org.