ATC Designing a Quality Course requires the completion of three tasks before faculty can begin the training: Creation of a Development Shell in eLearning, Adding Your Instructor to Your Shell, and Importing of a Template into the Course. You will find detailed instructions on how to complete these tasks below.

Create a New Development Shell
Image of D2L Dashboard and Classic Homepage Button
Image of the "Classic Homepage" button on the eLearning Dashboard.

Create a New Development Shell

*If you already have a course that you are developing that you will work on in this course, you do not need to create another one.

Development shells are a great tool to use while you are learning about eLearning, and anytime you need to develop a new course or modify an existing course. The biggest benefit of development shells is that they are inactive, which means that you can modify and create them without worry of messing up your active courses. Development shells exist in the development section of your eLearning Homepage. They are available from the time you create them until you request that they are deleted. In other words, they do not begin and end with the start of a new semester. You are encouraged to use development shells anytime you want to make changes or develop a new course, rather than making changes to old or existing "live" courses.

Let's get started by creating a new development shell.

  1. Go to www.elearning.uwf.edu in your Chrome or Firefox browser
  2. Log into eLearning using your UWF username and password
    • From the Log-in using drop down menu choose ArgoNet
    • Enter your username
    • Enter your password
    • Click Log in
  3. From your eLearning Homepage click on the "Classic Homepage" button above your name on the right side of the screen.‌
  4. Scroll down to the Create Course header on the bottom left of the page. 
  5. Click the blue Create a new development course link
  6. Name your course (this is My New Course)
  7. Click the Save button
  8. Follow the link provided to go to your new development shell.
Add Instructor to Your Development Shell
  1. Go to Classlist in the Communications tab
  2. Click on the down arrow in Add Participants
  3. Choose Add Existing Users
  4. Search for McCool or last name of instructor (hit Enter or click on the magnifying icon)
  5. Select the role of "guest instructor" when the option appears in search results
  6. At the bottom click on the box for e-mail
  7. Finally, select the Enroll Selected Users button
Import Course Template

Import Course Template

Once you have created your development course, you will notice that it is empty; there is no content. Creating content can be intimidating. You might feel much like an artist looking at a blank canvas.  ATC has created a "blank course" template to help you.  The ATC course template is a tool that contains multiple suggested pages that a course typically would use.  The course template includes student support pages, a syllabus template, module pages, as well as many other suggested pages. Course developers can use these sample pages to quickly build a course by customizing each of the sample pages with their own content.  

To get started, you will want to download an ATC Course Design Template. Go to Choose a course design template and download your choice of templates.

 Once you have saved the template zip file to your computer, you will...

  1. Go into the development course you created in Create a new development shell
  2. Go into your empty course shell and select My Tools/Edit Course
  3. Select Import / Export / Copy Components
  4. Select Import Components
  5. Browse to the template zip file on your computer and select Open, then select Next
  6. Once you get a green check mark next to Reading the package, click Start
  7. After several processing steps, look for and check the box for Import Metadata
  8. Select All Components
  9. Click Continue, and on the following page click Continue as well
  10. You should have green check marks next to all files listed, then click Finish

    You should see: "Import Summary, The course import was successful."
    Congratulations, you've just imported your course template!

    Create Your Course Design Plan

    Downloading and completing this Course Design Plan for your entire course is the best way to prepare for a QM Fun Review. 

    If you need help creating your course objectives please view this Objectives Builder created by ASU Online.