UWF Brand Campaign 2018

What will you change?

What will change you?

Unleashing more than creativity.

Unleashing possibility.

Shaping the world.

Inspiring a new generation of leaders.

Together we prevail.

What limits will you break?

No boundaries.
No limits.

Our spirit was born from an intrepid hope and a daring sea. Like voyagers in a quest for new horizons, we break free from the status quo to charge ahead into new frontiers. Our vision is undeniable. Our will, unstoppable. Together, we’ll blaze past old ways of thinking. We’re not just leaving our mark. We’re leaving others in the dust. Let’s show the world what it means to live life without fear, without limits.

Watch our No Limits television spots below.

The tide is changing,
so are we.

We’re transforming what a university can be and do for students, faculty, staff, communities and the world. Every day we unleash the power of potential. We dream bigger, imagine greater, move faster. We’re expanding our disciplines, forging stronger connections and charting new paths into unknown territories. The tide is changing, because our impact is changing it.

Big values. Bigger impact.

Undaunted. Unshaken. We move with purpose. Driven by a care and concern for our fellow man—and the world—we're creating the next generation of thinkers and doers who are impacting the world, not just because of what they do, but because of the way they do it.


We are a family, unified and moving together as one, with a compassion for each other matched only by our desire to grow.


We seek ways to grow existing relationships and build new ones through connection and camaraderie.


We are catalysts for creating opportunities, not waiting for them to appear.


We inspire and accelerate bold new ideas that push the limits of possibility not by asking “why not,” but rather, “how can we?”


We reject mediocrity by championing novel, new ways to break through the boundaries of familiarity.


We invest in equality and inclusion, ensuring that all voices have a seat at the table, and that all people have a place where diversity thrives.

Seventy degree programs.
Endless possibilities.

The University of West Florida connects students, faculty, and industry through a university-community partnership. Whether you're a scholar, practitioner, student, community leader or alumni, there are no limits to what we can accomplish together.