Request Book/Material Renewal

Book renewals can be done online (instructions below), by calling the Circulation Desk @ 850-474-2414, or by visiting the library in person.

Online Renewal - Step 1

Go to the login page in the catalog. This can be accessed 2 different ways:

1) If you're using the online catalog, a button labeled "renewals/library account" appears in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click the image below for a larger view.

2) By clicking here.

Online Renewal - Step 2

Once you're at the signon page you'll need to enter your Nautilus Card number and birth month birth day. In using your Nautilus card number and your verification number. Make sure that you use all of the 14 digits that appear on the bottom of your ID Card.

If you have problems logging onto your account with your Nautilus Card, you can call the Circulation Desk at 850-474-2414, or fill out this online form.

Online Renewal - Step 3

Once you've logged into your account choose the items you would like to renew. You have the option to renew all of your UWF items, renew items one at a time, or to request renewal for your Uborrow items. If an item is already overdue, it cannot be renewed online; please contact the Circulation Desk at 850-474-2414 for assistance.


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