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Carrel (Semester and Daily) Policy

The University of West Florida Libraries has a number of carrels available on the 3rd and 4th floors of the John C. Pace Library.


There are two types of carrels: daily carrels and semester carrels.

Daily carrels are available on a first-come-first-served basis to eligible users who present a valid Nautilus Card. Once checked-out, the carrel is exclusively available to that user until the library closes (or until they turn in the key).

Semester carrels are designed to facilitate research and provide a quiet atmosphere for study. Due to the limited number of carrels available, semester carrels are only available to doctoral and masters students who are actively working on their dissertation or master's thesis at UWF.  If you meet these criteria, please review the rest of the material on this page and submit the carrel application at the bottom of this page.


The individual whose University borrower ID is used to check out the carrel key is responsible for the key and the carrel.

The following fines/fees are associated with carrel keys:

  1. Overdue key (assumed lost): $55.00 replacement charge (plus any accrued overdue fines)
  2. Lost key tag: $5.00 replacement charge (plus any accrued overdue fines)
  3. Damaged carrel fees are dependent upon the extent of damage.

Carrel Use Guidelines

The University of West Florida Libraries’ staff strives to make the libraries as safe and comfortable as possible for our patrons. To ensure a safe environment for all and to preserve the furnishings for future users, please observe the following guidelines when using your carrel. Carrels will be periodically inspected to ensure compliance with these guidelines.

Your personal items:
While each carrel has a lockable door, the library strongly discourages the storage of valuables in your carrel. Personal computers, calculators, books, or any other items of value should not be left unattended in the carrel; take any valuable items with you when you leave your carrel, and do not leave anything behind that could not be easily replaced. THE LIBRARY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ITEMS STOLEN FROM A LIBRARY CARREL. Any personal item(s) left in the carrels past the assigned usage time will be removed and retained in the Circulation Department for one week. Any item(s) not claimed within that time will be disposed of.

Lights and power to the carrels will be turned off when the library closes. THE LIBRARY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DATA LOST DUE TO POWER FAILURES OR NORMAL CLOSING PROCEDURES.

Library owned items:
All library material in carrels MUST be checked out at the Circulation Desk to the carrel occupant's personal University borrower ID. Carrel occupants are responsible for renewing any materials kept in their carrel. Non-circulating materials are NOT to be kept in carrels. The carrels will be inspected periodically by Circulation staff. Items that are not checked out and any non-circulating materials will be removed and returned to the library’s collection.

Moving library lounge chairs into the carrels is prohibited. If you would like a more comfortable chair, please feel free to bring in one of your own.

Covering or removing heating and cooling vents is prohibited. Please feel free to bring in a fan for your comfort.

Please refrain from decorating carrel walls. Nails and screws damage carrels and can be expensive to repair, while stickers or hooks attached with sticky materials or glue are difficult to remove and may cause damage. Users will be charged for any repair fees incurred by the library to repair damage that is the result of misuse or decorating.

Please notify circulation staff of any problems in the carrel (lights not working, cracks in the wall, leaks, etc.).

Please use headphones when listening to music or watching videos, etc. (especially on the 4th floor).

Please turn off the desk light upon leaving the carrel and lock the carrel door.

Please help keep the carrels clean by properly disposing of trash, particularly perishable food items, wrappers, or containers.

Please use common sense when it comes to safety.

Fire regulations prohibit the use of any material to cover carrel windows.

Please take a moment to locate the nearest Library exit from your carrel. In the event of a fire alarm, lock your carrel and leave the building immediately.

The use of alcohol, illegal substances, and tobacco products of all kinds is prohibited.

We ask that only the individual assigned to the carrel use the carrel.

Violation of library policies or carrel policies may lead to immediate termination of carrel privileges.