On Demand Digital Textbook Reserves Placement (Faculty Only)

The UWF Libraries purchases physical copies of all required textbooks for all undergraduate courses offered in a semester. To support faculty and students during the mandatory shift to online instruction, library employees will digitize instruction relevant portions of our physical holdings and will make these items available to users via their Canvas courses.

Students: We cannot scan items for you directly. If you require scans of course textbooks, please forward this page to your instructor and have them place the request.

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*Digitized items will be available in canvas for two weeks from the date you select. However, at the end of the term, all items will be brought back and made available for final exams.


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Copyright law only allows us to digitize small percentages of an item at any one time. Please enter the page numbers or chapters below that are required to support your instruction through the end of the semester. If materials are not needed until later in the semester please consider waiting to submit this form until then so staff can process more immediate requests first.

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