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Subject specialist librarians help students, staff, faculty, and the community with discipline-specific research needs. Individuals seeking in-depth research help may contact their subject specialist librarian to schedule a research consultation. Faculty may also contact their subject specialists to schedule library instruction sessions for their classes, collaborate on library assignments, and discuss and recommend content for the collection.

Dean DeBolt

Subject Specialties: West Florida History
Phone Number: 850.474.2213
Office Location: Building 32, Room 006
Email Address:

Melissa Finley Gonzalez

Subject Specialties: History, Philosophy, Religion, Political Science, Anthropology, Sociology, Multicultural & Gender Studies, Music, Mathematics & Statistics
Phone Number: 850.474.2821
Office Location: Building 32, Room 140
Email Address:

Cindy Gruwell

Subject Specialties: Biology, Health Sciences & Administration, Medical Lab Sciences, Nursing, Public Health, Movement Sciences, Intelligent Systems & Robotics
Phone Number: 850.474.2358
Office Location: Building 32, Room 136
Email Address:

Shari Johnson

Subject Specialties: Business, Hospitality, Recreation and Resort Management, Earth & Environmental Sciences
Phone Number: 850.474.2711
Office Location: Building 32, Room 134
Email Address:

Chris Levesque

Subject Specialties: Education, Social Work, Criminal Justice
Phone Number: 850.474.2957
Office Location: Building 86, Room 106
Email Address:

Britt McGowan

Subject Specialties: Art, Communication, English, Theatre, World Languages, Information Technology
Phone Number: 850.474.2048
Office Location: Building 32, Room 135
Email Address:

Kellie Sparks

Subject Specialties: Law, Psychology, Physics, Computer Science
Phone Number: 850.474.2264
Office Location: Building 32, Room 133
Email Address:

Paul Williford

Subject Specialties: Emerald Coast Librarian, Engineering
Phone Number: 850.863.6577
Office Location: Emerald Coast, Building 8
Email Address: