Our next “Design Thinking 101” workshop will be held January 29, 2020 at Institute headquarters at 321 N. Devilliers Street in downtown Pensacola. Participants will learn how to solve problems through the Institute’s trademarked IDEA method, learning everything from empathy building and generating ideas to prototyping and testing. By the end of the workshop, attendees will be ready to use design thinking techniques in their professional environment.

Leading the workshop will be Christian Garman and Chris Middleton, who have both received design thinking training from the Stanford d.school and have led numerous internal and external design projects.

“I’m very excited about the workshop,” said Garman, who is interim director of innovative program development at the Innovation Institute. “We’ve designed it in a way that’s really active. I have no doubt that participants will have a good time, and they’ll pick up some really strong problem-solving skills that they can take back to their professional environment.”

The workshop will be especially beneficial for business professionals who frequently have to think about and work around problem solving, Garman said. The techniques learned will benefit those looking to solve problems in new and innovative ways.

The UWF Division of Enrollment and Student Affairs, GeoData Center and various companies, boards of directors and community groups have seen positive results from using design thinking methodology, Garman said.

The cost to attend the workshop is $149. Light breakfast, water, coffee, snacks and lunch will be provided with the registration cost. To register, click the link below.

Those with dietary restrictions, food allergies or any other questions or considerations, should email Christian Garman at cgarman@uwf.edu

Register Here