July 11, 2019

Author(s): Richard Conn

Vice Admiral (USN/Ret) Gerald L. Hoewing EdD (hc) is the senior advisor for strategic innovation with the Innovation Institute at the University of West Florida. 

Hoewing transitioned from the U.S. Navy after 35 years where he served as a Naval Aviator.  His final active duty assignment was Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Manpower, Personnel Training and Education/Chief of Naval Personnel where he was responsible for the growth, development and advancement of all active and reserve Navy members. 

Following his transition from active duty, Hoewing served as president and CEO of the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola.  In that capacity he was responsible for fundraising, development and management of business functions for the museum and the National Flight Academy.  

Hoewing is passionate about immersive learning, design thinking and modern learning methodologies. 

While serving as president and CEO of the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation, he helped oversee the transition of the National Flight Academy into an immersive learning program. 

“It was that introduction to embracing immersive learning that, when it was time to retire from the Foundation, it was something that I had become extremely passionate about as being a far more effective way of learning than traditional learning methodologies,” Hoewing said. 

Most recently, Hoewing has utilized immersive learning while working as a member of a team of innovation professionals from the UWF Innovation Institute working with Carnival Corporation. He is using the challenge-based learning framework to help the company create training programs to improve the performance of its deck, technical and environmental officers.  

“I’m focused on identifying learning objectives and outcomes and drafting design documents associated with the courses that we’re preparing for Carnival,” Hoewing said. 

Additionally, Hoewing works with the Office of Workforce and Industrial Innovation in the field of advanced and additive manufacturing. Hoewing was also instrumental in helping create the UWF Center for Cybersecurity.

“Today, I continue to connect the Center for Cybersecurity with government and industry just like I do for the Division of Research and Strategic Innovation,” Hoewing said.

His invaluable military and business experience has helped him forge important partnerships and business relationships with the government, industry and the University.