My Career Shines

In collaboration with the Florida Virtual Campus, UWF’s Innovation Institute received legislative funding to support career education and planning for K20 students and adults in Florida. Collaborating with the Department of Education, Department of Economic Opportunity, School District career education partners across the 67 school districts and colleges and universities, we established MyCareerShines in 2015 to help with degree and career planning. To date, over 579,000 users have participated  in over 896,000 assessments. This has assisted in providing timely information and assessment to students who can now plan their pathway directly to career or to college and career with more confidence.

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The Challenge

Across a student’s educational experience, there are opportunities to inspire, engage and identify future job interests and opportunities. Identifying areas of interest early, students can then make best choices for courses to take in high school, summer camps to attend and career academies to engage and receive an industry certification. Also when a student best understands areas of job opportunity, best decisions can be made on pathways to college or career. If going on to college, early decisions regarding where to go to college and what degrees might be the best choice builds a pathway toward a student’s future. If going directly to work after high school, best industry certifications and coursework can build a pathway for the student’s future.

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Our Approach

Through the years, the Innovation Institute has been engaged in numerous workforce partnerships and programs. In 2014, the Florida legislature provided funding to the Innovation Institute in partnership with the Florida Virtual Campus to launch career and education planning tools to support K20 education. Connected with school districts across the state, the Florida Department of Education, Department of Economic Opportunity and many others, UWF and FLVC launched MyCareerShines in 2015 to include the career education and planning tool selected from Kuder, Inc. Additional tools launched in 2016 includes Bright Futures scholarship information, educational planner integration, MyCareerShines in Spanish and Florida Occupational Data. In 2017, CTE courses for high school planning and meta-majors for college planning was added to the site. Through the Florida Virtual Campus FloridaShines website, MyCareerShines has statewide visibility and use.

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The Result

As of late 2018, there are over 579,000 users participating in over 896,000 assessments. The majority of students using MyCareerShines (83 percent) are middle and high school students with 12 percent college and university students participating and 5 percent other adults that are using the tools provided.