Instructional Design

Online instructional design support is available to facilitate the development of innovative, high quality, online instructional content, ensuring instructional materials are in accordance with UWF online education initiatives for faculty.


Design support includes, but is not limited to: Ensuring course functionality in Canvas, Accessibility guidance and compliance, Quality Matters (QM) course prep. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


Canvas Migration FAQs:

Q: What courses were captured in the automigration? 

A: Summer 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2018 Courses were migrated from D2L to Canvas.  If you need course content outside of those terms, then see the AXIS youtube help videos for how to manually migrate content, OR reach out to me and I can migrate the content for you.

Q: I cannot edit my d2l courses in Canvas- what is going on?

A: The migrated D2L courses are stored in Canvas as pristine copies, so you always have access to that form of your course.  To manipulate the content, create a Sandbox Course and Import>Copy a Canvas Course> and enter the D2L migrated course name, then import.  That will import a copy of the d2l migrated course into your sandbox so you can begin working on updates.  For a demonstration of this see: How to Work with your D2L Migrated Course in Canvas (2 minutes)

Q: Are there templates available for my Canvas course?

A: Yes! Templates can be accessed from within your course in Settings>Import Course Content>Copy a Canvas Course, then select the drop down menu to see the templates available to you, such as the CSE-New Begin Here or CSE-Module Sampler.  For a demonstration of how to access templates see: Templates in Canvas (3 minutes)



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