HMCSE Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)

The Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering (HMCSE) Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) is designed to expose undergraduate students to advanced research in their field of study.

About SURP

Students selected to participate in SURP will spend 20-25 hours per week for 10-12 weeks working on a research project under close supervision of a faculty mentor. This activity involves faculty and student collaboration in original research that should result in some tangible product (i.e. publication, presentation, etc.), but it's most valuable contribution is the development of the student in ways not possible in traditional classroom settings.

In an effort to maximize the experience, student participants are expected to work 20-25 hours per week on their designated research project.  As a result, participants should not be enrolled in more than one summer course.  All fellows will be required to submit a formal report, write a thank you note to the sponsor and present their results at the 2018 Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering Summer Scholars Symposium.  Participation in the UWF Student Scholars Symposium poster session is strongly encouraged. Additional opportunities to present the result of the research at local, regional, or national scientific meetings may also be possible.  

2015 SURP Symposium Participants
2016 SURP Symposium Participants
2017 SURP Symposium Participants
2018 SURP Symposium Participants

$2500 stipend for 12 weeks of research to each student participant

Application Process Overview:

Interested students must identify one or more potential faculty members that have agreed to serve as the mentor for this summer research project before submitting the application. 

SURP student applicants will fill out/complete all information on the SURP application aside from the letters of recommendation (including the resume/CV, Project Description, and Budget details). Once the student has completed their part of the application the application will be electronically routed to their Faculty Mentor, and then to the second chosen faculty member so that they may submit their letters of recommendation confidentially. Once both letters have been submitted the application will electronically route to the Chair of the student's department for review and approval. Upon approval by the Chair, the application will then be complete and submitted automatically.  

The student will need to have the names and email addresses of a faculty mentor and one additional faculty mentor who will provide letters of recommendation to complete the application. Additionally, the student will need each required element of the application (see below for specific requirements) saved as individual documents and ready for upload. 

Step-by- Step of Application Process: 

When initially accessing the SURP application the student will be immediately prompted to enter the following information: 

  1. Faculty Mentor, who will be uploading the first letter of recommendation.
  2. Faculty member, who has been chosen to submit the second letter of recommendation.
  3. The Chair of the student's department. 
    • Please note that a drop-down menu is provided that allows the student to select from a list of all HMCSE Chairs and their respective departments.

Once the student has entered the three faculty contacts (mentor, additional faculty to supply recommendation, and chair), the student should click on the "continue to form" button.

At this point in the application, the student will fill in several basic informational fields and upload the required documents (each will be uploaded separately):  

  1. Letter of Interest. In addition to detailing your interest in the summer research position, please provide brief answers to the following two questions: 
    • a.  How will receiving this paid summer fellowship help you do the research you would not be able to do otherwise? 
    • b.  Briefly describe the impact this experience will have on your readiness for the next stage of your professional career (graduate school, entry into the professional workforce, etc.)?
  2. Your up-to-date resume/CV
  3. A description of the proposed summer research project. The project description should be developed in conjunction with your faculty mentor and should be no longer than one page and include a project title. References do not count toward the page count. 
  4. Each application should include an anticipated budget with some discussion about the availability of resources for completion of the project.
  5. An unofficial copy of your UWF transcript 

After the student fills in all required fields and uploads all application documents, the student should click the "next" button.  This will launch a field for the student to electronically "sign" his/her application submission by typing his/her name in the boxes and clicking "sign electronically."  

Following the student's electronic signature, the application will be automatically routed to the faculty members to provide letters of recommendation and then onto the chair of the department.  

***Faculty should NOT give letters of recommendation to the student to include in the application. The students do not have access to the upload link and will not be able to add or view the recommendation letters that are submitted by the faculty members. ***

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Important Dates & Deadlines

Please note that the above Dates & Deadlines are for the 2019 application year. 


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