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HMCSE Internship Program

The Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering Internship Program offers high-performing UWF students the transformative experiences required to be successful in today’s STEM workforce. Internship mentors direct how these students develop the professional skills demanded by local, regional, and national employers. Many students lack the financial resources to pursue unpaid internships, despite extensive evidence of their benefits to student and employer alike.

The HMCSE Internship Program will provide exceptional UWF students pursuing transformation internship experiences with a stipend of at least $12 per hour for 120 hours of engagement with private and public internship partners over the span of a 16-week academic term. The new HMCSE Internship program will fundamentally change the nature of academic and professional preparation of the next generation of STEM students for both UWF and our partners.

Internships and CoOps at UWF

Internships and Cooperative Education (CoOp) programs are designed to provide UWF students the opportunity to gain experience related to their major. Students seek these opportunities to gain academic knowledge and real-world work experience to become more marketable for full-time, post-graduation careers. 

  • Internships: Often a one-semester experience that may or may not be for academic credit. It may also be paid or unpaid, but employers should comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Students typically seek internships in their junior and senior years in college.

  • Cooperative Education (CoOp): Multi-semester experiences that are always for course credit and always paid. There are two forms of CoOps: parallel or alternating.
    - A parallel CoOp student works and goes to school at least 3 semesters in a row, averaging 15-25 hours a week at work and 9-12 academic credits.

    - An alternating CoOp student alternates between workplace and school semester by semester, working 40 hours a week during work terms and going to school full time during academic terms.                                  

- adapted from UWF Career Services

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Internship Program (PDF) for Community Partners/Employers