Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering (ME) is the design, manufacturing, analysis, and maintenance of mechanical systems. The BSME prepares students for either grad school or a career in various industry sectors, including aerospace, manufacturing, energy, environment, transportation, materials, and/or structures.

Program Description

UWF students will learn the core disciplines of Mechanical Engineering such as solid mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, machine design, and materials in addition to core curriculum areas in science and mathematics.  Students will then take knowledge from the core disciplines and apply them to solve complex problems in advanced mechanical engineering topics which include alternative energy, nanotechnology, intelligent robotic systems, composite materials, and mechatronics.

Mechanical engineering students will learn in an interactive classroom setting where a hands-on education is required in tandem with formal lectures detailing advanced concepts and theories of engineering problems.  Upon completion of the program, students will be able to research, design, and build solutions to the world’s most difficult technical challenges.

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Jeremy Hatcher 
Academic Advisor
Bldg 4, Room 330

Fort Walton Beach:
Lori Anderson
Academic Advisor
Bldg 2, Room 205

Department Contact

Dr. Michael Reynolds
Building 4, Room 327
(850) 474-2977

Fort Walton Beach:
Mr. John Ireton
Building 4, Room 327
(850) 314-6931

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