Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

The undergraduate curriculum of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics prepares the student for graduate study and a variety of career options including; teaching; service in science, government and industry; and supporting roles in the social, biological, and physical sciences.

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science degree offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics permits student considerable flexibility in choosing electives outside the major. It is recommended that students seek the advice of the students' advisor regarding career opportunities and choice of a suitable minor. An education in mathematics, together with appropriate course work in relevant interdisciplinary areas such as computer science, statistics, economics, or the natural sciences, leads to many career opportunities.


  • Degree: Bachelor of Science - Mathematics
  • Minor: Mathematics

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Department Contact:

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Building 4 Room 223
11000 University Pkwy
Pensacola, FL 32514


If you are a mathematics major student and need undergraduate advising, contact the Department at 474-3045 to make an appointment with Jeremy Hatcher


The department's proseminar course is a one-semester hour course designed to engage the student in mathematical and/or statistical research above and beyond course materials. Each mathematics major student must satisfactorily complete the proseminar in order to graduate. Proseminar Guidelines Link


The department offers free tutoring services in building 04, room 321. The schedule for tutoring times is Monday - Thursday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM, and Friday from 9:00AM to 1:00PM. These services are for students taking mathematics courses up to the calculus sequence. Summer tutoring hours may vary. More info about the lab

Math Association

Mathematics major students are invited to become members of the Mathematics Association Club. The club maintains an engaging environment where students have the opportunity to meet other majors, participate in student/faculty outings, participate in community service activities and attend mathematics/statistics conferences. Information for the Mathematics Association can be found on their webpage