Undergraduate Minors

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences offers three minors - general Environmental Science, Geography and Geographic Information Science (F2F). These minors provide great opportunity to non-environmental science majors who are interested in the environment and wish to add this unique component to their majors.

Minor in Environmental Science

The minor in Environmental Science is offered as a micro-version of the B.S. in Environmental Science degree. The required courses represent a cross section of the departmental offerings.

An Environmental Science Minor consists of 19-20 sh; of the 12-13 upper-level hours, at least 9 of which must be taken at UWF. Directed studies may not be used. Environmental Science majors may not earn this minor.

GEO 2330 Environmental Science 3
GEO 3372 Conservation of Natural Resources 3

Choose one: 4
GEO 1200+L Physical Geography (+Lab)
GLY 2010+L Physical Geology (+Lab)

Choose one: 3-4
GEO 3260+L Geography of Soils (+Lab)
GEO 4280+L Basic Hydrology (+Lab)
GEO 4316+L Landscape Biogeography (+Lab)
GLY 3031C Environmental Geology

Choose one: 3
EVR 4035 Environmental Law
EVR 4823 Environmental Impact Assessment
EVR 4870 Urban Planning

Any 3000/4000-level EVR, EVS, GEO, GIS, or GLY course 3

Total Hours 19-20

Minor in Geographic Information Science

The Geographic Information Science minor is a 24 credit hour interdisciplinary program including a GIS internship experience. Students who successfully complete a GIS minor are eligible to apply for entry level positions in the geosciences requiring knowledge of Geographic Information Systems or geospatial analysis. The program is geared to degree seeking students who would like to apply GIS to their chosen discipline.

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