Natural Science Track

The natural science track provides further training in natural and applied sciences and prepares the student for graduate school or a career which entails extensive fieldwork and/or laboratory work.

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Program Requirements

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Prerequisites (27 Hours)

BOT2010/L General Botany/Lab (4)
CHM2045/L General Chem 1/Lab (4)
CHM2046/L General Chem 2/Lab (4)
GLY2010/L Physical Geology/Lab (4)
MAC2311 Analytical Geometry & Calculus 1 (4)
PHY2048/L University Physics/Lab (4)
STA2023 Elements of Statistics (3)

Core Courses (38 Upper-Level Hours)

GEO3250/L Weather & Climate/Lab (4)
GEO3260/L Geography of Soils/Lab (4)
GEO4280/L Basic Hydrology/Lab (4)
GEO4316/L Landscape Biogeography/Lab (4)

EVR3894 Environmental Writing (3)
GEO4164 Geostatistics (3)
GIS3015/L Cartographic Skills/Lab (4)
GIS4035 Photo Interpretation & Remote Sensing/Lab (4)
GIS4043/L Intro to GIS/Lab (4)

EVR4941 Practicum or GIS4944 GIS Internship
GEO4332 Senior Seminar (1)

Natual Science Core Courses (21-22 Upper-Level Hours)

NS Core Courses
CHM3120/L Analytical Chemistry (4)
PCB4043/L Ecology/Lab (4)
GLY3031C Environmental Geology/Lab (4)

NS Electives
Choose 1:
EVR4023 Coastal & Marine Environments (3)
GEO4221/L Coastal Morphology & Processes/Lab (4)

Choose 1:
CHM4930 Environmental Chemistry (3)
GLY4240 Geochemistry (3)
GLY4244 Biogeochemistry (3)

Choose 1:
GIS4048 Applications in GIS (3)
GIS4071 Methods & Techniques (3)