Funding Opportunities

The policy of the Department of Environmental Studies is to ensure that graduate students have adequate funding. Funding is provided through a combination of graduate assistantships (GA, GTA), graduate research assistantships (GRA), and scholarships. Because of the importance of research funding from advisors, prospective graduate students (planning to enter the thesis track) should contact potential Thesis Advisors prior to applying for graduate studies to determine whether or not funds are available.

Teaching Assistantships

Assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis and are initially based on evaluation of undergraduate transcripts, GRE scores, letters of recommendation and the needs of the department. To be considered as a graduate teaching assistant (GTA), the student must successfully complete at least 18 sh of graduate-level coursework (in the field in which he or she will be instructing). GTAs will be under the direct supervision of a faculty member experienced in the teaching discipline and be evaluated regularly.

Research Assistantships

Graduate research assistantships (GRA) are available only if a faculty member has a research project in which funds for research assistants are provided by the funding agency. To be considered a graduate research assistant (GRA), the student must possess the skills and knowledge to carry out the research-related support associated with the research assistantship.

Other Financial Assistance

The UWF Office of Graduate Studies awards grants for graduate student research and travel. The UWF Financial Aid website also has additional information regarding graduate scholarships, grants etc.

Each graduate assistant (GA, GTA, or GRA) with at least a 0.25 FTE (10 hours/week) appointment and who is in good academic standing is entitled to a Graduate Assistant Matriculation Fee Waiver ($100 per credit hour in 2004-05) which is applicable toward in-state tuition for coursework in the graduate assistant's approved program of study (i.e. degree plan).

Graduate Assistantship Resources

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